How are We Different?

Please email or call the office to receive the monthly updated current availability. Fall 2021 Price List

Our trees and shrubs are pruned, tagged, and graded by the owners for consistency, uniformity, and peace of mind for customers.

You have enough to worry about…weather, politics, your costs, and employees….the plant material showing up on the next truck shouldn’t be a worry for you.

Mountain Creek Nursery strives to grow dense tree canopies, heavy shrubs, and sturdy roots systems for easy establishment. Your customers just drive the plants home, dig the holes, and water frequently. Let Mother Nature take care of the rest.

Mountain Creek Nursery products sell through at retail and sell thru fast! That’s why most of our inventory turns to repeat customers, year end, year out.

If you’re looking for cold hardy, container grown, tried and true variety, trees and shrubs….

…You’ve come to the right place!