About Us

Mountain Creek Nursery is a wholesale producer of container grown stock.  We pride ourselves on high-end quality combined with consistent grading to provide our customers with the best plants possible.  Every plant is tagged by a Hallum.  We provide premium plant material consistently because our reputation and livelihood depend upon it.  Come to Mountain Creek and see for yourself.

MCN was started by A.P. Hallum in 1959.  MCN began with bareroot fruit tree liners and B&B shrubs and shade trees.  It is currently managed by his sons, Michael and Mark Hallum.  The first pot-in-pot section was created in 1992.  Our pot-in-pot container division has expanded modestly.  Adapt to survive.

Container-Grown Tree and Shrub Sizes

  • 15 gal.(#15) and 25 gal.(#25) shade trees
  • 7 gal. (#7) flowering shrubs
  • Independent garden center sizes/grades(6′, 8-10′, 1″-1.5″ caliper)
  • Commercial landscape/Rewholesale sizes(2″-2.5″ caliper)